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At W Wellness Centre, we offer a range of massage therapies. From relaxing and grounding Indian Head Massage to deep and firm Remedial Massage, there is a treatment to suit everyone's needs.

Each of our massage therapies pair beautifully with any of our other services - Float Therapy, Infrared Sauna, Hot and Cold Therapy or Mindfulness Skin Rituals. 

Massage Therapy

Massage is one of the oldest forms of healing therapy, dating back to 2700 BCE. Ancient Eastern Chinese cultures used massage for relieving pain, healing injuries, and preventing and treating illnesses. They combined massage with other forms of natural healing to increase relaxation, reduce stress and improve sleep. 

Modern massage techniques were cultivated in the early 19th century, when Per Henril Ling, a famous Swedish Doctor developed a massage method called the ‘Swedish Movement’. This method has since been refined and has evolved into the modern massage techniques used today. 

We offer a variety of massage therapies, including remedial, hot stone, holistic therapeutic, Indian head, and sports injury massage. Our massage therapies are tailored to give the client the most beneficial treatment for their body.

Each of our massage treatments pair beautifully with an infrared sauna session beforehand. The sauna warms, softens and prepares your muscles for deeper stretching and tension relief. 

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage involves the placement of hot stones on the body for pain relief and relaxation. We use Basalt stones, a type of volcanic rock with a smooth and rounded shape. The stones are heated in water to around 55-60 degrees and are applied to the back and spine, palms, feet, décolletage and stomach.


The heat from the stones relieves tension in the muscles, improves circulation, and repairs damaged soft tissue. Hot stone massage offers our clients muscle pain relief, relaxation and reduced stress, improved joint flexibility, and elimination of toxins.


We offer both 45- and 60-minute hot stone massage treatments.  

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is a holistic treatment based on the Ayurveda healing system. Combining acupressure points and gentle but firm movements, Indian head massage aims to stimulate soft tissues in the upper back, neck, shoulders, face, and scalp.


Effleurage, kneading and stretching techniques are used to release tension and increase muscle flexibility. Indian head massage offers our clients improved blood circulation, eased headaches, reduced anxiety, and rebalancing of the body’s natural energy.

Lower Leg and reflexology


Reflexology is a form of complementary therapy, which aims to promote wellness throughout the body. Modern reflexology is based on the foot's reflex points that correspond to various systems and organs in the body.


This treatment is incredibly relaxing, offering our clients increased blood circulation, tension release, better posture, anxiety and headache relief. 

This massage begins with a luxurious foot soak, using high quality Epsom salts and essential oils. 

Our lower leg treatment focuses on the feet, finishing off with a gentle lower leg massage. 


"I had a phenomenal massage by an absolutely stunning soul. I am absolutely relaxed and nourished; this experience was by far the most beautiful massage I have ever had. Thank you Sarah."


"Melody treated me to an absolutely dreamy massage! She channels incredibly healing energy through her hands and crystals, and made me feel soo relaxed."