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At W Wellness Centre, we offer a range of massage therapies. From relaxing and grounding Indian Head Massage to deep and firm Remedial Massage, there is a treatment to suit everyone's needs.

Each of our massage therapies pair beautifully with any of our other services - Float Therapy, Infrared Sauna, Hot and Cold Therapy or Mindfulness Skin Rituals. 

Massage Therapy

Massage is one of the oldest forms of healing therapy, dating back to 2700 BCE. Ancient Eastern Chinese cultures used massage for relieving pain, healing injuries, and preventing and treating illnesses. They combined massage with other forms of natural healing to increase relaxation, reduce stress and improve sleep. 

Modern massage techniques were cultivated in the early 19th century, when Per Henril Ling, a famous Swedish Doctor developed a massage method called the ‘Swedish Movement’. This method has since been refined and has evolved into the modern massage techniques used today. 

We offer a variety of massage therapies, including remedial, hot stone, holistic therapeutic, Indian head, relaxation and sports injury massage. Our massage therapies are tailored to give the client the most beneficial treatment for their body.

Each of our massage treatments pair beautifully with an infrared sauna session beforehand. The sauna warms, softens and prepares your muscles for deeper stretching and tension relief. 

Remedial is defined as "giving or intended as a remedy or cure".  Whilst the other massage styles that we offer focus on relaxation, remedial massage has an emphasis on repair and restoration of the body.



"I had a phenomenal massage by an absolutely stunning soul. I am absolutely relaxed and nourished; this experience was by far the most beautiful massage I have ever had. Thank you Sarah."


"Today I had the most incredible massage with Sarah W. I went in so full of tension in my body from all the craziness going on in the world at the moment, I left feeling like a new person, much lighter and much more positive. Thank you Sarah, from the bottom of my heart. I highly recommend W Wellness Centre!"