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FLOAT therapy

Healthy Aging      Wellness Journey

Float therapy

Unplug and reset in our beautiful DreamPod.

Experience an hour of deep relaxation and meditation.

Our tank is filled with about 10 inches of skin-temperature water and hundreds of kilos of Epsom salt. The salt increases the specific gravity of the water, allowing you to float effortlessly. Float tanks were first used in 1954 to understand the effects of sensory deprivation, or Floatation-REST (reduced environment stimulation therapy).

Floatation-REST is the primary function of the float pod. It offers a plethora of benefits, both mental and physical. Floatation therapy has a significant impact on mood enhancement, through elevated levels of dopamine and endorphins.

A deep meditative state is often achieved, expanding awareness, and improvising visualisation and focus. Floatation-REST soothes muscles and joints, reduces blood pressure and cortisol production, and improves circulation and distribution of nutrients through the body.


A transition from beta waves to theta waves in the brain (theta waves occur briefly before you fall asleep) can last for extended periods in the float pod. These brain waves are useful for increasing creativity and problem solving abilities.  

The Epsom salt offers its own physical benefits, as it supports hair, nail and skin health, aids bone and heart health, detoxifies and deeply relaxes. As you float, you absorb magnesium - the fourth most abundant mineral in the body.


Regular use of the Float Pod has shown to reduce anxiety significantly. Our clients note that it becomes easier to fall asleep in the pod with regular sessions. 

To Kickstart your wellness and healthy ageing journey with one of our kickstart float packs. 2 floats to be used within 2 weeks. Or float at any time at a discounted price when you purchase a 3x or 5x float pack 



"To say I love this place and Sarah W is an understatement. The W Wellness Centre has always been welcoming and relaxing, the new location and set up takes it to a new level. Today was my first floating experience and the team made it such an enjoyable one that I am converted. Any anxieties I had just floated away!"


“Having tried a one-hour float and found myself emerging blissed out and at ease, I was curious to experience a longer duration. I now know 90 minutes is the float for me! It’s just long enough to sort through any issues to which you want to dedicate a chunk of thinking time, and still have time left over to experience and experiment with the physical sensation of floating; and explore how your body responds to the space. I enjoy the way floating puts you directly in touch with your heartbeat and breathing, leading to a meditative state. Whenever I need some peace or headspace, or just feel like a float, I will be back.”

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