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The quest for a non-invasive and gentle method of body contouring has led us to invest in an Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation treatment. This technique is gaining popularity for its potential to address localised fat deposits that can be challenging to move through diet and exercise alone.

Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation involves the use of a specialised handpiece placed on the skin's surface. This handpiece transmits low-level ultrasonic waves which consist of compression - expansion impulses that travel in high speed  cycles.  During this process, micro-cavities collide and collapse, they convert the fat into a liquid state, a phenomenon known as 'cavitation'. The fat is then safely eliminated through the lymphatic  and urinary systems.

This  procedure includes the use of radio frequency (RF).

RF promotes the reduction of cellulite, tightens skin and strengthens the skins elasticity providing long term effects.

What sets Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation apart is its non-surgical and gentle nature, minimising the risks and discomfort associated with traditional surgical methods. It's a perfect choice for addressing persistent fat deposits that resist conventional weight loss efforts. 

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