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Hey Wellness Family!!


How’s 2024 treating you? We hope its been full of positivity and good vibes so far!

This year, we’re all about seizing control of our wellness and embracing healthy ageing, living our best lives and not having regrets and we move through the year ahead.


Body Contouring

Lets talk Body Contouring quickly. We introduced this treatment late last year and we have been blown away by the incredible transformations our clients are experiencing. If you are not familiar, Body Contouring is like sculpting your dream physique without any invasive procedures. This innovative technique is all about targeting those stubborn fat deposits that just won’t budge with regular diet and exercise. Focus areas are stomach, thighs, arms, love handles, bra fat and cellulite.


What’s the process you ask? It’s as gentle as it gets. Using low-level ultrasonic waves, we break down fat cells, allowing your body to naturally eliminate them. Plus, with the added boost of radio frequency, say hello to smoother, tighter skin! Trust me, it’s a game changer

Before (7).png
Before (8).png

But wait, there’s more! its not just our bodies that we can sculpt - don’t forget about our non-invasive skin tightening treatment, FaceShape™ by SkinMed Australia™. The FaceShape™ penetrates deeper layers of the skin to promote collagen and elastin production and encourages cell turnover to help skin become smoother and firmer. It’s painless, non-invasive, and targets different depths of the skin with radio frequency wavelengths to treat specific areas of concern. And guess what? you can see visible results after only one session! For the best long-lasting results, we recommend a course of six treatments.

Sarah Before and After (1).jpg

But if FaceShape™ isn’t for you, we also introduced late last year our Metamorphosis™ Lift and Sculpt Facial Massage by Vanessa Megan™. This treatment consists of a deep dermal massage which is the key to unlocking the ageing process. Under the surface of the skin lies the fascia, a thin connective tissue that surrounds and holds our vital organs, blood vessel, bones, nerve fibres and muscles in place. This next-gen facial massage has been developed to help release that fascia, promote circulation for lymph and blood flow, and treat damage caused by repetitive facial  movements, surgery, scars and other facial procedures. The intra-oral massage is designed to stimulate the fibroblast in the skin which, in turn, stimulates collagen and increases elasticity. As circulation and detoxification happens, the fascia slowly releases, and you will see a marked improvement in fine and deep lines, and collagen synthesis, which leads to increased plumped, and overall tone to the skin. We deliver this treatment with ceramide and bakuchiol-rich ingredients to add extra skin hydration and collagen syntheses that can be paired with a full face facial focusing on pre, post and peri menopausal skin. This treatment delivers active ingredients such as phytoestrogen, peptides, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, and clinical-grade lactic acid to the integral dermal tissues, to help smooth, hydrate and plump the skin.


If menopausal skin doesn’t apply to you we also have our Fire&Frost™ facial by Vanessa Megan™. A dynamic skin resurfacing treatment using potent ingredients and extreme polar temperatures to achieve immediate and lasting results. Supports skin elasticity, even skin tone and reduces the appearance of scars.


The best part? we’ve got some exclusive packages tailored just for you. From single sessions to comprehensive packages, we’ve got your back (and your love handles to!)


Some of our most recent packages are:

Body Contouring x 6 session PLUS a free sauna with each session (Valued at $1650)

FaceShape™ x 6 treatments PLUS a free LED with each treatment  (Valued at $1800)

MESOSKIN™ x 6 treatments PLUS a free LED with each treatment (Valued at $1680)

Facial Massage x 6 treatments PLUS a free LED with each treatment Valued at $1800)

Metamorphosis™ facial x 6 treatments PLUS a free LED with each treatment (Valued at $1740)

Fire&Frost™ facial x 6 PLUS a free LED with each treatment (Valued at $1500)

Body scrubs x 6 PLUS a free sauna with each treatment (Valued at $1140)


But give us a call if you want to custom make a package to the value of $1000!!


This offer is available until the end of March 2024


Wedding Fair

We recently had the fantastic opportunity to showcase our wellness wonders at the Canberra wedding fair. Meeting new faces, exchanging ideas - it was a blast!! And guess what? The special deals offered are still up for grabs. Don’t miss out - give us a call

Bridal party offer.png
Bridal pack offer.png
Before (11).png

Now, onto some other news. While we’re sad to bid farewell to Jo, our incredible physiotherapist and wish her the best for her future endeavours.

wmc photo (002).jpg

We are thrilled to welcome back a familiar face - Lisa Moffatt!!

Infrared Sauna (93)_edited.jpg

For those who don’t know our lovely Lisa she is the principal Physiotherapist at W Wellness Centre. She is an enthusiastic, caring and passionate health professional set on a mission to improve women’s health and wellbeing. Whether you are an athlete, expecting or new mum, or part of the older adult population, Lisa is here to provide you with the information and knowledge to prevent or best manage the common symptoms you may experience throughout life.


Lisa completed her Bachelor of Applied Science and Masters of Physiotherapy Practice at La Trobe University in Melbourne and then completed further study in women’s and pelvic health. She is skilled in clinical exercise rehabilitation to reduce pain and long term dysfunction.


From the maternity ward to the Women’s AFL Sydney Swans Academy, Lisa loves empowering women. She uses a holistic and collaborative approach to provide the best outcomes for her clients. She is devoted to client-cantered care, combining manual therapy with clinical exercise and ergonomic advice to help clients exceed their expectations and achieve meaningful goals.


When Lisa isn’t talking about all things pelvic floor, you’ll find her in the gym, Pilates studio or out in the bush walking or hiking.


Areas of Special Interest:

  • Back & Pelvic Pain

  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (Incontinence)

  • Wrist and Hand Pain

  • Conditions of the lactating breast (Mastitis)

  • Osteoporosis

  • Arthritis


Qualifications and Accreditations:

  • Masters of Physiotherapy

  • Australian Physiotherapy Association Women’s Pelvic Health – Level 1 & Level 2

  • Australian Physiotherapy Association Women’s Health Through The Life Stages – Level 1

  • Australian Physiotherapy Association Dry Needling – Level 1

  • Reformer Pilates Instructor

  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness and Personal Training

  • Certificate IV in Nutrition


Lisa’s first day with us will be Friday the 16th of February and she will be with us Tuesday afternoon till late and Fridays all day!! so give us a call or book online to see our amazing Lisa!!


And that’s not all!! Say hello to Meg, our newest addition, as she embarks on her journey in beauty therapy. Meg is undertaking an in school apprenticeship so she can complete her year 12 at the same time as obtaining for Certificate 4 in Beauty Therapy. We are here to support her every stop of the way, and I know you’ll all embrace her and get on board. Keep an eye out for some fantastic deals as we cheer Meg on!


We’re beyond grateful for our incredible team and the opportunity to serve you all. We can’t wait to catch up with each and every one of you soon!


Sending loads of love your way,

W Wellness Centre Family xx


P.S. Stay tuned for some exiting events and promotions coming your way. We’ve got big plans for making 2024 your healthiest and happiest year yet!

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