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For packages not available through our booking page or a customised package, please message us on Facebook or call us on 6104 6520, and one of our beautiful staff members will assist you in arranging a booking. ​

You can message us via Facebook using the button below, or call us on 6104 6520 to organise a customised package.


sauna packages

Massage and Sauna

Sweat it all out for 30 minutes in the infrared sauna. Your muscles will be relaxed and ready for a 60 minute massage.

Express Facial, Foot scrub and lower leg massage 

Enjoy a relaxing 30min facial followed by a foot scrub and lower leg massage. 

Express Facial and sauna 

 Sweat it out for 30min and then finish off with a relaxing express facial.

Indian head massage and sauna

Indulge in a beautiful Indian head massage that will assist you to relax and take all tension away. We have designed this package with healthy hair growth and scalp wellness in mind as we indulge them with a special selection of essential oils to assist with healthy hair aging. After your treatment we wrap your head and then you sweat away the toxins in our far infrared therapy sauna.   

Infrared Sauna and upper body or lower leg massage 

Enjoy and 30min Infrared Sauna followed with either an upper body or lower leg massage. 


Couples Package 

Enjoy a 30min Infrared sauna with your significant other followed by a massage in the same room

skin therapy packages

mindfulness FACIAL skin ritual and sauna 

Relax and detox in our infrared sauna before having your skin, mind and heart nurtured with our Age Defying Mindfulness Facial Skin Ritual.

Ultimate Indulgence

The package for skin, body, and mind.

Allow your muscles to soften and relax with a 30 minute infrared sauna session.

Watch your mind drift away during an incredibly relaxing float session.


Indulge your skin with a Signature Mindfulness Skin Ritual to conclude.

(not available through our booking page) 

Mesoskin and microdermabrasion 

MESOSkin is the LATEST ADVANCED needle free, refining and infusion MESO therapy technology using a combination of electroporation and innovative laser trimming transdermal microchip technology. MESOSkin is a painless treatment that can promote metabolism, improve dry dehydrated skin, fine lines, dull skin and other skin conditions. Including loss of volume, acne, signs of aging and pigmentation.  Combine this treatment with a microdermabrasion treatment to enhance your skins texture for a truly glowing complexion. 

looking for something else?

We are also more than happy to create a package just for you! If there are two or more treatments that you would like to combine, it would be our pleasure to organise that for you.

You can message us via Facebook                                     , or call us on 6104 6520 to organise a customised package. 

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