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What is Float Therapy?

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Have you taken the plunge and experienced the deep relaxation that only floating weightless, in our float pod, can bring? Also known as Floatation-REST therapy, it is an awesome therapy for relieving anxiety and pain, enhancing energy levels and mental alertness, and for taking your meditation practice to the next level.

This amazing therapy has been proven to improve mood and mental functioning after just a single one-hour session [*]

So what is Floatation-REST therapy?

Floatation-REST therapy involves bodily immersion in a purpose built float tank, containing water loaded with Epsom salts. The high load of Epsom salts leaves you weightless atop the water. Whilst immersed in this way, your body is able to rapidly relax. As your body relaxes it sends a signal to your brain that you are safe and starts the process of releasing you from the stress response.

In addition, Epson salts are high in magnesium which is required by your body's cells for production of energy. So, not only do you receive the amazing relaxation benefits, your body is charged with this energy releasing magnesium resulting in a renewed clarity of mind and energy for both the joys and challenges of life.

What Float Therapy Packages Are Available at W Wellness Centre?

If you've been considering committing to a regular schedule with this amazing therapy, we offer frequent floater packs:

* 3-pack with a 3 month expiry * 5-pack with a 6 month expiry

Please call us on 6104 6520 or message us for pricing and to book.

*Disclaimer: The written article is based on a summary of existing literature on the topic of float therapy. The article is for educational purposes and the information provided below cannot be taken as a promise to help with acute health problems or diseases.

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