W Wellness Centre welcome Entire Sports & Performance to the Bungendore Community right here in our first class facility. 
Entire Sports & Performance are here to look after you in all aspects of your health and wellbeing. Together with W Wellness Centre we pride ourselves on a team approach and our customer service. Throughout the practice, we are looking to show our clients “the love” and support them in their health and well-being globally.
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Narelle sees herself as a symbiotic oxymoron; an intuitive scientist and a sporty nerd.

This beautiful combination allows her to analyse and diagnose, based on evidence based practices, and treat you as a whole person – not just a hip, knee or shoulder.

Narelle is a health care provider with the assessment, analysis and diagnostic skills of a physiotherapist, the hands of a massage therapist and the knowledge of a human biologist.

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Brian graduated with Bachelor of Physiotherapy and worked as a physiotherapist in Hong Kong since 2008. He pursued his master degree specialized in Manipulative Physiotherapy in 2013. He acquired sufficient experience and knowledge in a wide spectrum of medical, orthopeadic, neurology conditions as well as post-operative management. His interest is managing various musculoskeletal problems with manual therapy, dry needling and therapeutic exercises.

Brian also treats people with vestibular dysfunction related spinning, dizziness and balance problems. Helping patients with BPPV and other middle and inner ear disorder by manual repositioning techniques and targeted exercise program.

Brian believes that the relationship of pain, body dysfunction and body biomechanics is intricate, treatment won’t have a sustained effect unless the underlying causes can be identified. He has always been bared it in mind and developed a special interest in solving this intricate problem.


Lara has been working at Entire Sports & Performance since 2017 and is a Bachelor of Physiotherapy graduate from the University of Canberra.  

Lara is passionate about rehabilitating the Queanbeyan and Bungendore community; with a particular focus in Women’s Health, Netball, AFL, running and all things yoga.

Lara teaches physiotherapy led exercise classes and the Beginner’s Running Course at Entire Sports & Performance.